How many different names have you Googled in hopes of finding someone? Let’s be honest… the array of public information available on the internet has activated the gravitational pull most of us poses toward what my children call ‘creeping’ someone online. I call it curiosity. I admit I am curious about what ever happened to Debbie Lang, a best friend from high school. I lost track of her several years later and all I remember is seeing a wedding picture of her to a guy wearing a military uniform. Because I don’t know her married name and there are a gazillion ‘Debbie Lang’s’ in the world, I have no way of knowing which one she is. My interest is not in reigniting a long lost friendship so much as it is to just know that she is alive and well, to know if she had children or ever had a career. I wonder if any of the dreams we used to share became her reality. She was a class behind me so the reunions aren’t much help and she is not the only person that I have this interest in. Throughout my life, I’ve befriended a number of people –became acquainted with is probably more realistic – and I am admittedly, curious about many. This is one of the elements from which was born. Based on a time and place, I can post an inquiry for someone that I am curious about! In conversations with friends and family this topic elicits a number of engaging memories about people in their lives who provoke our curiosity…. How about in yours?

Share your story in the comments or better yet…  go to and post an Inquiry -let the power of social communication work & satisfy your curiosity – I will write about your experience!!

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