I would like to extend a personal welcome to all of our new users. At the fun is in discovering how we are all connected! Each of us has a history … it is connected in ways that we can only imagine but discovering it becomes easy and fascinating as you begin building your map. Finding the commonalities we share with friends and strangers is exciting!

This week at began with a nice article at SociableBlog. It is a good description of the site and its features. Pass it along or share it to StumbleUpon if you get the chance! Additionally, we were able to get the Demo video up and live. It is on the home page now as well as on YouTube; here.

As we enter into the holiday season, I would like to encourage everyone to think of the ‘gift’ of appreciation. Take just a moment and think of someone in your PAST who left an impression. It could be a teacher, a professor, a mentor, an old friend, or a complete stranger; someone who has no idea that you still think of him or her. Now is the time to drop a pin and send them an Encountergram! Post a message; make it personal and tell them how they impacted your life – even if it was in the smallest way. As grows around the globe, the significance of each message builds.

The founding team is working diligently to make a great user experience and hope that you will continue to offer feedback as you use the site so that we make improvements that make sense to YOU – our users.


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