I would like to begin by welcoming all of our new users!! is 5 weeks post launch and we are continuing to exceed the initial goals we originally established.

This week the Team has been really busy behind the scenes with administrative, PR, and debugging tasks. As with many start-ups, our implementation schedule is a bit behind because our programming energy was required ‘in the back room’ so to speak. Thanks so much for your patience as we plow ahead!

This week I would like to remind you that we improve the site based on FEEDBACK. Just under our logo in the header of each page you will see a feedback button.  We encourage you to let us know what parts of the site may not make sense to you or could use a little tweeking! Likewise, let us know what you like about it! Thank you to everyone who has contributed there.

The very best compliment any product or service can receive is the one that generates a referral. If you like – pay it forward with a ‘share’ on any of our pages, a Facebook ‘like’, a ‘tweet’, a StumbleUpon ‘thumbsup’, a Digg, and/or an email to  your friends and family. In addition, this week we added a *Google+* page. I am just jumping into the Google+ world and am building my circles so it is a bit sparse at the moment. *If you use the service – add to your circles!!

I have added a couple of ‘Gratitude’ stories to the blog and encourage you to read those posts to help remind  you of people in your own life that you may wish to thank with an encountergram. Also, I’ve noticed that there were a number of Inquires posted this week…. Read through them and see if you recognize any of the people that another user may be looking for.

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