Uencounter.me  is now 4 weeks post launch – what an exciting month it has been! Since our public launch on Nov. 5th – we have had 5,136 unique visitors with at least one from 76 different countries from around the globe! Uencounter.me is truly a global application!

This week started off with a review from the blog GoogleMapsMania that was distributed globally and picked up by a BBC Travel Blog. From there, blogs and press from China, Spain, Germany, and India passed on the site information. Additionally, KillerStartUps reviewed the site and made this comment: “Am I the only one thinking that there’s some seriously untapped potential here?” Our answer: We feel there is a ton of potential for uencounter.me and we are working feverishly to develop and implement it!!

Needless to say, the exposure was awesome and since uencounter.me was not founded in the Silicon Valley and we are not a part of the ‘industry’, we are quite proud! Of course, we hope this trend continues.

In the meantime, I would like to welcome all of our new users! Some of you have been very busy entering pins on your map and they look great! I will encourage you to share your pins/maps with friends and family as one of the unique and playful features of uencounter.me is the ability to ‘overlay’ your map onto others that you ‘link’ with. Please bear with us as the site grows and ‘nearby encounterpoints’ are found!!

This week we were able to implement the ‘notification’ tab. If someone posts a comment on your Encounterpoint Discussion page, Requests to Link with you, sends you a message, or drops a pin near one of yours, you will be ‘notified’ on that tab. Click on the tab to reset it to zero. The user profile and ability to establish user preferences should be finished by the end of this coming week. We appreciate your patience.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @uencounterme as well as Facebook where I post a “Tip of the Day” to help you maximize your experience!

Drop a pin today!


Thanks again and ENJOY!

Leslyn Kantner

Pat Phelan

Ryan Olton

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  1. Peter Jenkin says:

    Hi uencounter.me team,

    Briefly, all good wishes from me in your uencounter project – an endeavour that’s worthwhile for everyone.

    Peter Jenkin


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