Welcomeall new users!! Uencounter.me is now three weeks post launch and we continue tobe excited with the acceleration of our user database and site activity.

Wehope you all enjoyed a good holiday – and will continue to join us inexpressing thoughts of gratitude year round by posting ‘encountergrams’ whenyou think of people you have encountered in your life and on a day-to-day basiswho impact your life in positive ways. Rememberthat you don’t necessarily have to know who they are or where they are now –just drop a pin on the map in the location you experienced the ‘encounter’ andsay “thanks” – in our words or yours!

Weare continuing to perfect our internal notification process as well as thesettings for a user profile – keep watching for that! This week we added theoption to turn on ‘secure browsing’. Go to: ‘my account’ > ‘privacy settings’and choose ‘on’ for ‘secure browsing’.  For all of you non-techies, this means thatwhile you are logged into uencounter.me your browser will be in secure mode (https://). We also added the option to enter International addresses! Have you travelled the world for work, fun, or service? Now you can enter the addresses and drop your pin! uencounter.me is a GLOBAL application.

Haveyou ‘linked’ with anyone this week? As our database of users grow – so too doesthe chance that you will recognize someone you have ‘encountered’ in the past!Still looking for someone? Post an Inquiry on the map so that it is there whenthey, or someone they know, become a uencounter.me user!! Let the power ofsocial communication work for you.

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