Welcome new users!! This was a great week for uencounter. We began utilizing Facebook by creating a fan page where we post a TIP OF THE DAY -helping users make better use of uencounter.me!! In addition, we began running a small ad this week. Almost immediately we had two dozen ‘likes’ from friends and family and now (the end of the week) we are up to 68 likes and 40 people have shared the page with their own friends. If you were one – thank you!! We are hoping this statistic begins to expand exponentially.

We serendipitously generated a slogan “Drop a pin today!” that seems to have stuck.

For those of you who don’t use Facebook – no problem!  Sharing the link via email, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn is also helpful!

Much of the work that was completed on the site this week is not in visible format yet. There were a handful of technological issues (bugs) that had to be addressed and I am always amazed at how much ‘behind the scenes’ programming it takes to generate one viewable element. Over the weekend, we will begin rolling out small details that will offer increased privacy options and elements that allow you to choose how you are notified of activity on the site.

Our blog will be maintained now that we have launched also – for users who don’t use Facebook, the TIP OF THE DAY will be added to the blog on a weekly basis. You may access the blog from the footer on the site; just click on ‘blog’!!

Currently, uencoutner.me exists of 3 people who have extreme passion and commitment to offer the public an entertaining and fun venue for looking at their life but most importantly – to spend a minute finding and saying thanks to people who were part of it. We want to hear from you as you use the site!!  Tell us what works – what you think could be different – what you don’t understand. We also like to hear the good stuff, but the other stuff helps us make it better!!

Don’t worry about getting your whole life mapped out!!  Start today with one place or person that you think of often!! Drop a pin once or twice a week and before you know it – your map will be full and you will have created happiness in the lives of a lot of people by offering recognition and gratitude!!

Drop one now!!


Thanks again and ENJOY!


Leslyn Kantner

Pat Phelan

Ryan Olton

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