Thank you all for helping to make it a very successful launch week for uencoutner.me!! Here are the highlights:
We doubled our user database
We received almost 2,500 page views from over 250 visitors

We are very excited about ‘traffic’ that uencoutner.me received and to think that it was all word of mouth!! For those of you who helped out by ‘liking’ us on Facebook or sent emails out to friends & family – THANK YOU!

We still have a lot of great ideas to implement and already took some of the suggestions we received this week.
We added a new ‘type of encounter’ for personal/love…  perfect for entering encounterpoints of weddings, dates, engagements, or personal encounters!
We changed the ‘update stream’ to include encounterpoints entered by ALL users versus just those of your links.  Now you can see how others are using uencoutner but will only know ‘whose’ pin it is if you are ‘linked’ to them.
Added “Tip of the Day” to our Facebook page – giving you help and hints to enhance your user experience.

This coming week we will be working to build and implement a user profile panel that will allow you to:
Add a picture to your profile
Select privacy settings
Select contact preferences (how often do you wish to receive notifications)
Personalize your map

Please bear with us as we strive to make uencouter.me a great place to visit and help us get the word out. Of course, the more users, the more interesting and fun it will be!!  You can help by:
Follow us on Twitter @uencounterme and ‘retweet’ when you can!!
“Like” us on Facebook  – Share the page!!
Tell friends and family!

Welcome to the start of something big!!  We’re glad you are a part of it.


The uencounter.me TEAM

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