Social web sites are a perfect match for travel.

Not having to rely on travel guides and advertisements to
guide you means you are no longer at the mercy of restaurants, hotels and
excursions that have nothing more to offer than the funds to take out an ad or
join a travel organization.

Social travel apps let you hear from real people. Their experiences
are logged, shared and reaffirmed giving you the information you need to make
your trip as pleasurable as can be.

But with so many travel and review apps and web sites out
there, what makes one better than the other?

Ease of use

When you are on the go, you don’t want to have to fuss with
things. Any travel/location based service should be easy to use from your
laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Ability to set favorites

If you visit the same place when you are in a particular
town, or even your home town, you need to be able to let others know.

Privacy protection

While we often don’t consider privacy when using social
sites, there are times when we want a web site or app to keep things private. Too
many location based services do little to protect your privacy and that’s not
good. You want a service that will keep things private and anonymous when you
want it to.


It’s great to be able to post a review when you are
travelling, but if that’s all you can do then it’s not really social. You need
to be able to interact with the community that uses the service. You should be
able to send and receive messages, invite friends and socialize with other

Staying power

So many services look great, but when you log in to use them
you find that they have disappeared. That sucks, especially when you have all
of your travel related memories stored on their servers. When you use a service
like this you want to be sure that it will be there the next time you need it. has all of these qualities. But like we said,
any travel community on the web should at least have these. What Uencounter
does above and beyond the basics is what makes them really stand out.

People finding people

Using geographic locations and specific dates users can
create encounter points of past travels, experiences and encounters to help
find others who were there. These people can then reconnect over a shared
moment in time.

Express gratitude

Encoutergrams are another thing that makes Uencounter
special. Users can create and post messages to other users. Whether you know
the full name of the recipient or you are simply sending a message to “the nice
man who helped an old lady across the street in Chicago,” your encountergram
will give you the chance to express your feelings.

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