It seems as though a lot of people create and enjoy reading “TOP 10” lists so I have been thinking about how to incorporate that into this blog. I’ve decided to write the top ten reasons that people would use! I’m not sure they are the ‘top’ 10, but they are at least 10 of the reasons that should be an icon on YOUR desktop!

10. To find a missed connection – you know, that guy/gal who you locked eyes with on the other side of the room; the one that wouldn’t/couldn’t break the smile!

9.    To find your birth mother/adopted child – Date of birth and at least the city if not the hospital where they were born; many people start with this information

8.     To find an old friend from your first job – Someone you have always been curious about; perhaps they supported you in some way and now you would like to let them know you acted on their advice.

7.     To find an old teacher who inspired you – Let them know you went on to live your dream!

6.     To thank someone who helped you – that motorist who stopped on the side of a busy road to help you change a tire in the rain!

5.     To thank someone who provided exemplary service – the customer representative who went out of their way to make your day better or help you find exactly what you were looking for!

4.     To thank someone for a random act of kindness – Just to say it improved your disposition!

3.     To follow our Travel Blog partners – read about their experiences and plot their journeys!

2.     To visualize your life on a map – actually see how much of the country or world you have esperienced!

And … the number one reason to user…

1.     To DISCOVER how connected you are – Discover how small the world really is – when were you – or are you – in the same place at the same time as someone you know but never realized it?

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. harlan says:

    To give thanks…powerful.

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