I personally believe in what some people call a ‘collective consciousness’.  Some who prescribe to this theory will say that thoughts and actions are forms of energy. They go on to speculate that what is put forward will ‘boomerang’ and come back, be it positive or negative. So… if you think positive, positive is returned and vice versa for negative thoughts and actions. Under this assumption, one would think that the more positive ‘energy’ you put forth, the more positive ‘energy’ is returned to you. Why then, would you consider putting out anything other than encouraging, optimistic, constructive, and/or helpful thoughts or actions? Well, we are human after all and even those of us with the best intentions falter once in a while.

One of our missions at uencouter.me will be to promote, endorse, and facilitate the projection of positivity through the expression of gratitude. Saying ‘thank-you’ is a lost consideration in much of our daily life. Ask most any grandparent the last time they received a written note for the last birthday or Christmas gift they sent to a grandchild and I almost guarantee they will have to think about it pretty hard. Are we good about thanking people for just being a good friend? For dedicating time or talent so that we grow as individuals? For acknowledging miniscule but significant contributions? For being there when we really needed them? In today’s society we are so frequently preoccupied with an assortment of tasks and activities that we call life, we forget the power of ‘thank-you’.

When we feel appreciated – when we demonstrate appreciation, lives can change – uencounter.me will be there to make it happen!

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. Suzi Terrell says:

    I’m loving the idea! Thank YOU for doing this 😉

  2. Suzi Terrell says:

    Sounds vaguely like “From Our Hearts” in the chronicles 😉

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