My last blog focused on the Top 10 reasons to use and since then, I have thought of many more. Additionally, users have commented about how they are using it and anticipate using it as they move along. Based on all of this, here are 10 ‘Additional’ Reasons that should be on your desktop!

Beginning with reason #:

11. To identify someone in a picture! Have an old photo and can’t remember who that person is? Upload the pic to a pin located where the picture was taken – ask the ‘’ universe to help you identify that person.

12. You were or are in the Military! Travel is inevitable when you are in the service. It’s great to keep track of the locations and can help you reconnect with friends you made along the way.

13. You are thinking of going someplace! There are a ton of resources on the net for tourist locations but how about local comments, reviews, and recommendations! Look at all the pins located in and around the location you are thinking of travelling!

14. You LOVE a particular hobby and want to meet others who enjoy your passion! Like Skydiving? There are a number of Skydivers who have ‘dropped pins’ – check out their recommendations and if they are in your area – meet someone new!

15. Find that crafter/artisan that you admired! How many times have we walked away from an expo, craft fair, art show, etc… and wished we could find that vendor again! We are actively encouraging artisans to map their travels/shows. As we grow – this will be easier!

16. Are you in a band or musical group? Plot your travels and let your fans/groupies know that they can follow your tour!

17. Lost & Found! Did you leave something on a plane or on a park bench? You never know! I read an article about a woman who found a picture in a book on an airplane and wanted to return it to the owner. The airline wouldn’t help her – she needed!

18. You saw something that really inspired you! Mark that location not only for future reference but in hopes that it will inspire others!

19. You have a favorite restaurant that you would like to share! Although it is not a novel idea to offer a recommendation based on location – is perfectly in line with that intention! Share the love!

20. Visit your hometown! We hope to encourage users to post pictures of their hometown – particularly of the home they grew up in. We will notify the current owners that they can view what their home used to look like! Wouldn’t you like to know!

I am sure that adding these ten items does not yet create an exhaustive list of reasons that someone could /will want to/ or does use as we are just getting started and realize that we have only begun to imagine the possibilities. We would love to hear how YOU are using it!

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