• In Honor of Liam

    This post is a story that not only impacted me deeply on a personal level, but serves as a wonderful example of how a geographical representation of love and support can be powerful in its own right. It was difficult to decide […]

    • Pin Map Highlights – Cambridge, Maryland

      Cambridge, Maryland is a quaint little town tucked away on the Western side of the Eastern shore that has deep roots in Colonial America. It sits at a major bend on highway 50, a dominant thoroughfare leading from the Baltimore / Washington […]

      • Founder’s Reflection – Wendy’s Story

        This blog originated as a venue to share the creative energy behind the development of uencounter.me and has morphed into a collection of travel stories, partner introductions, and posts that demonstrate the value of people we meet in our personal journeys. This […]

        • Hidden Gems Worth Fitting into your Itinerary

          With Summer approaching, people around the world are looking forward to their travel plans, which were often booked months in advance. Now that the reality of a few days away draws closer on the calendar, daydreams of wide open beaches or quiet […]

          • Learning to Love Travel

            I cannot remember exactly when I fell in love with traveling. It may have been when my father taught me that taking a different road each time we went somewhere was a thrilling adventure. It might have been when our family went […]

            • My Virtual Pin Map – You make it Social!

              Remember the old pin maps that people would have on a wall? If you wanted to see all the great places I’ve been and looked through my album or hear the stories, you’d have to come over and spend some time. Now, […]

              • An Expression of Gratitude – It Works!

                Last night, the awesomeness of uencounter.me was demonstrated in exactly the way that the Team has been imagining! As part of our marketing plan, I have been using Twitter to broadcast the encountergrams and Inquires that are posted on the maps in […]