When I was an undergrad student at West Chester University, I was going through a pretty difficult time in my personal life. One morning I had a meeting with one of my Psych professors and was unable to control my emotions; I ended up crying.  I was embarrassed and frustrated and attempted to apologize for being so weak. Her comment to me that morning was something I’ve never forgotten and use often in my counseling practice. She said “Showing your emotions is demonstrating strength – the weak aren’t strong enough to be vulnerable”.  I have an encountergram posted for her in the location of the university because I wanted her (and the world) to know that she impacted my daily life in a very positive way. Thanks again Ellie!

One of the distinguishing elements of expressing gratitude on uencounter.me is that it stays visible – it is not a stream where a post gets buried as others are posted! Consider posting an encountergram today and/or reading a few that are there – start your day off with gratitude!


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