Often when we travel, it’s not the places we visit that create the largest impact – it’s the people we meet along the way. Uencounter.me user  Cindy, offers a perspective from one of the map pins on her virtual pin map in this Guest Post:

We had been in Central India for three weeks when we met Anthony. We’d spent much of those three weeks meeting a surprisingly large proportion of the country’s population up close and personal on sleeper trains, crammed into small jeeps and wading through the turgid mud that we hadn’t expected to coat the roads of New Delhi despite it being the peak of India’s monsoon season. Though we’d seen some true delights and met some extraordinary characters, we were ready for some space, quiet and comfort.

Anthony was the man behind the wheel of a Hindustan Ambassador – a ubiquitous ‘luxury’ vehicle which is one of the few remaining signs of a British presence in the country. When he arrived to meet us in Kochi, a relatively small fishing port, the plan was for him to take my mother, sister and myself an hour south to our next destination.

It wasn’t long before Anthony received a call from a friend informing us that our destination had been entirely washed out by the monsoon. While my mother was distraught – it seemed we were destined to return to the cities from which we’d fled – Anthony remained thoroughly calm.

My mother had waxed lyrical to Anthony for some time about the stress and worries of the intense cities and had been met with sincere understanding. Anthony was a rural man through and through, expertly weaving his way between the fisherman’s lunchtime gatherings beside the rice paddies. He understood that we were at the end of a tether and were in an unknown territory as my mother began to break down.

Anthony’s English was fragmented and, despite our ability to chat to Anthony about most things, after he’d received that call, nobody seemed to know where we were actually going anymore. We soon learned that Anthony had turned back after receiving the call to pick up his lunch, made by his wife. He was preparing for a long haul drive but we had no idea where to.

We ended up driving for the best part of a day. We left behind the dust of the cities and once again met with the glorious ocean. Anthony had consoled my mother no end and dropped us off that evening in the peaceful Indian backwaters. He had missed his dinner, lost a number of afternoon jobs and would not be home until early the next morning but my mother was overjoyed.

Anthony saw travelers in need and he dropped everything he had to help us out. Whether you are in the depths of the Amazon or touring caravan parks recommended by the Caravan Club, it is people like him who make travelling truly unbelievable.

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  1. harlan kennard says:

    Very compelling story! It’s the Anthony’s of this world that make life that much more enjoyable.

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