Our weekly conference call last night was somewhat of a marathon as we continue to hash out the user interface. The programming is going very quickly now and we have charted almost all of the ‘flow’ (what happens when someone clicks here… it takes them there…. Etc).  It looks like we will have a full working site within 2 weeks and it is exciting to have the opportunity to get a real feel for how the site will work – my idea, manifested.

Over the last week I had a couple of additional ‘brainstorms’ – ideas for additions to the site that are in line with its mission. In addition to expressing gratitude, the site will offer a page for those who would like to ask for or offer forgiveness. Not only can you say ‘thank you’ but you can also say “I’m sorry” – an equally powerful attribute to gratitude.  Likewise, perhaps there is someone out there who has finished holding a grudge… through uencounter.me, they will have the opportunity to express forgiveness. This particular feature may not be a part of the initial launch but it will follow shortly as most of the underpinning tasks are already in place from a programming perspective.

I realize that I have not yet fully outlined ‘what’ uencounter.me is or how/why it is something that you will want to use and talk about. I have given you some tidbits of what it will offer and promise to lay it all out there as we go through the next few weeks.  Our anticipated schedule is to finish up the basic programming within 2 weeks, our team will then take 2 weeks (or so) to use it as we anticipate you using it (Alpha test), and then offer Beta testing to a fixed number of individuals. During this phase, the Beta testers will have full use of the site for free and in exchange, will share their thoughts and experiences with us. My intention is to have a personal conversation with each Beta tester so that I can better understand what they think of the site and its functions. Here, we will be seeking both positive and constructive feedback. Assuming we are able to stay on this course, our public launch may be as early as Aug 1st. While it sounds like a long time from now… Tomorrow is June 1st and it was just the end of March when we had the first brainstorming session for the idea itself.  I do not know what happened to April and May has literally flown by.

I would like to cover as much of the US as possible with respect to Beta testers. This means that I’d like to have people testing in as many of the states as is feasible. I know a lot of people along the mid-Atlantic and in the far West, but need testers in the South and the upper mid-West. Please forward a link to this particular log (and a brief introduction) to people you may know in those areas.

It won’t be long now!

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. Sherry says:

    I can help from DE. That something lost would be great!! Can’t wait to participate.

  2. Jim Doran says:

    I’m in from WV Les

  3. beta tester from florida

  4. Elbert says:

    Saying thanks to someone that made a difference is a great idea

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