Months ago, at the request of a user, introduced a genealogy pin under its “pin types” Since then, we have watched history unfold across the globe with stories of ancestors, requests for information, and wonderful old photos of lost eras. Genealogy is a passion, a past-time, an art, a profession, and a billion dollar industry. More importantly, it is a society dedicated to uncovering history and defining existence for those who can no longer share stories or experiences for themselves.

Inside the social mapping platform at, genealogists are beginning to build a community that uses geographic information to create a powerful visual of their historical lineage. Chronological occasions such as births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths are pinned by location. For example, the 1947 marriage of Roy Albea to Betty Huylor in Greenville, South Carolina was recently added.

To stay organized, many of our users create a separate map for each surname they are researching (example: Reed Family). A new feature we are working on releasing is the ability for our users to overlay one map onto another – giving genealogy users the tools they need to see how family lines may have intersected throughout time.

Celebrity genealogist, Thomas MacEntee extolled the benefits of using for what he terms “cluster genealogy” in an August 2012 blog post.  He stated

 This is really what cluster genealogy is all about: collecting what might seem like unconnected and random data points and then placing them in context so that you can develop theories to be proven through further research.

From any pin point on the map, users can choose to look at the ‘nearby’ pins – this ability to serendipitously discover information can be a godsend to genealogists.

The team has acknowledged the budding genealogy community that is developing by working diligently to distinguish a more tailored venue in the genealogy genre that promises to provide tools and social connections to support its history loving users.

Because is used for much more than genealogy, the team recognizes that it is necessary to categorize and individualize the site in a way that allows like-minded people to easily discover the information that is important to them. On the development docket is a way to find your interest area quickly (i.e., genealogy, businesses, travel, or humanity) and have tools specific to that category as options. We are beginning with Genealogy.

We recently reached out to our genealogy users and asked for their advice.  While we were thrilled with so many great ideas, we were again humbled by the support and validation that was also offered.

This is what our Genealogy users are saying:

“ I do love your site, I have always loved maps and have dreamed of an easy way to map my ancestors and siblings.  It is great fun being able to do this.  I especially like the ability to add separate maps for each family”

“I want to continue using the site and have so many “pins” to enter.  It is so much fun for me.”

“Haven’t been on your site for a bit due to a family illness, but know that it has huge value and I’ll be back soon.”

“ is really cool! I’ve been placing pins of my great-grand uncle and his family around the Chicago area. So interesting to see how he moved around during the years.”

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What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for including a screen-shot of my pins in this awesome post and for all that you’re doing to make “social” historical mapping such a relevant part of my family research!
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