Uencounter.me has partnered with a number of travel bloggers who share our core values of integrity, honesty, and transparency.  Over the next several months, we are highlighting them in our Partner Series. We hope this allows you to get to know them better and remember, you can follow all of their travel and blog posts via their personal pin map on uencounter.me!

The tenth in our series introduces Sarah, a travel blogger with a passion and author of Sarah Somewhere; we asked her a series of questions and her answers follow:

Please tell us a little bit about you personally:

In February 2012, I embarked on an indefinite travel adventure with my boyfriend after selling our home, quitting our jobs and saving our pennies!

How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?

Sarah Somewhere is almost a year old! I wrote my first ever blog post when I had just applied for a voluntary redundancy from my job of eleven years. I love to write. I’d always wanted to write, but felt I had nothing to say. With all the fear, uncertainty and excitement circulating with me during the biggest change of my life, I needed to share it! It proved to be extremely therapeutic, made everything feel real and helped me connect with a wonderful community of bloggers and travelers doing similar things.

How did you decide upon the title and direction of your blog?
I struggled for a while to come up with a title, and then one day my boyfriend said casually, how about “Sarah Somewhere?” I knew that was the name. It fit extremely well with the fact that we wanted to travel without plans and agendas (in the beginning anyway), and that I had absolutely no idea how things were going to turn out. Even if I ended up penniless and homeless, I’d always be “Somewhere!” But thankfully, it hasn’t come to that yet.

What is your favorite blogging experience?
Definitely ‘meeting’ my dear friends Kim (So Many Places) and Hannah (Furtherbound) online. I’ve never struck up such a bond with anyone I haven’t met in real life before! We’ve just launched a new blog together (Rickshaw Run Diaries) chronicling our participation in the Rickshaw Run India in January 2013. It’s going to be wild!

What has been your most treasured travel experience?

Doing this! Honestly, I have travelled pretty widely, but selling everything and leaving our old lives behind to create a life that is truly ours has been the scariest and most amazing experience of my life. Sure, the destination list is wonderful; Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Laos, China, Mexico, but taking this huge risk on the hunch that you can actually realize your dreams and create your own destiny (and BE HAPPY) has been the singular biggest blessing.

If you could return to any one of the locations you have visited, where would it be and why?

Well, I’m currently in Mexico for three months, after which I’ll be going to India for the Rickshaw Run. But I can definitely see myself coming back! It’s my first taste of Latin America, and I’ve fallen head-over-taco in love with this country!

What location is at the top of your bucket list today?
I’d love to visit Cuba. I’m not sure if we will get there this time due to expensive flights, but one day I’ll get there! I’ve heard it’s a magical place, and obviously culturally very intriguing. I’d love to walk the streets of Havana lined with classic cars, and observe life unfolding.

And Finally….

“Life is truly too short not to live it the way our heart tells us to. I would encourage anyone wanting to travel to save up, sell your stuff and go for it! You won’t regret it!”

Find Sarah via her blogs: SaraSomewhere and RickshawRunDiaries on the Web; Follow on Twitter ; and on uencounter.me!

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  1. Jaswant says:

    Very nice blog Sarah and the last lines of blog “Life is truly too short not to live it the way our heart tells us to. I would encourage anyone wanting to travel to save up, sell your stuff and go for it! You won’t regret it!” inspires a lot.

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