Uencounter.me has partnered with a number of travel bloggers who share our core values of integrity, honesty, and transparency.  Over the next several months, we are highlighting them in our Partner Series. We hope this allows you to get to know them better and remember, you can follow all of their travel and blog posts via their personal pin map on uencounter.me!

The ninth in our series introduces Ashley who writes the blog: No Onions Extra Pickles; we asked her a series of questions and her answers follow:

Please tell us a little bit about you personally?

In my other non-blogging life, I’m an art history graduate student/museum professional.

I have an obsession with learning languages, and while I’m not fluent in anyone other than English, I’ve taken lessons in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and Arabic – I’ve finally decided to focus on Italian and Japanese to see if I can be awesomely trilingual one day.

My focus in art history is in modern and contemporary art and architecture.  The Italian Futurists are *my* avant-garde group of choice, and I’m currently writing my graduate thesis on Antonio Sant’Elia…so if there is anyone out there also interested in this

stuff, email me!  I love to geek out over art history.

I’m also really in to taking jumping pictures.

 How long have you been blogging and why do you do  it?

I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years now.  I do it because I enjoy it.  I started it more as a hobby, and it’s been evolving ever since.  I figure a point will probably come where my life gets too full of other commitments and my blog will fall by the wayside, but it hasn’t happened yet!

How did you decide upon the title and direction of your blog?

The only thing that the title and the direction of my blog have in common is me!  No onions, extra pickles is the way I always order my cheeseburgers…but it doesn’t have to much to do with the theme of my blog, which is art, travel and San Francisco.  In No Onions Extra Pickles I combine the two things I’m passionate about – art and travel – with the one place I know very well, the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is your favorite blogging experience?

Definitely meeting up with other travel bloggers.  I’ve yet to go to one of the big conferences like TBEX, but have had a great time getting to know other San Francisco-based bloggers and meeting ones who are traveling through.

What has been your most treasured travel experience?

Seeing a sloth on a night hike in Costa Rica going to the bathroom, with a baby sloth on her back.  I know it sounds strange, but sloths only climb out of the trees to go to the bathroom once a week and they try to be very sly about it.  I just happened to notice a patch of fur through the bushes and there she was.  I was so into the moment that while the rest of the tour snapped of pictures like a group of crazed pap

arazzi, I couldn’t even think of turning away for a second to find my camera.  Sloths are my absolute favorite animal, so the whole experience was thrilling to me!

If you could return to any one of the locations you have visited, where would it be and why?Japan.  I can’t stop raving about how much I love it there and I just visited for the first time in January.  I studied Japanese in college, and have a keen interest in modern and contemporary Japanese art – so in a weird way it felt like coming home while I was there.  Being able to read some of the kanji and understand key phrases was so much fun for me, and it was one of the few countries I’ve traveled in

where you can practice your foreign language skills (they don’t automatically reply to you in English).

It’s a place that I’ll definitely be returning to again and again.

What location is at the top of your bucket list today?

It’s pretty impossible for me to choose just one place to top my bucket list – really, I just want to go everywhere.

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