Uencounter.me has partnered with a number of travel bloggers who share our core values of integrity, honesty, and transparency.  Over the next several months, we are highlighting them in our Partner Series. We hope this allows you to get to know them better and remember, you can follow all of their travel and blog posts via their personal pin map on uencounter.me!

The 12th in our Series introduces Marcia, a travel blogger with a passion and author of Inside Journeys; we asked her a series of questions and her answers follow:

Please tell us a little bit about you personally:

I love food, books, music, travel, movies and plays and talk about them all the time. I didn’t realize until I wrote this that I’ve worked in publishing, in the theater  on independent films and ran art galleries. Maybe food will be next. Travel is such a mind-expanding experience for me that when I’m not traveling, I get a bit cranky.

How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?

I started blogging towards the end of 2010. I had returned from a wonderful trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lesotho and knew I’d be telling the stories about the trip a gazillion times over to family, friends and co-workers so I resurrected the blog I had registered in ’03. When I finished writing about the trip in March, I just kept going. I love to write and I love to travel and once I started the blog, I didn’t want to stop. Now that I’m writing about travel, I pay closer attention to places, even the places I go frequently. Little things can become stories because they have the power to illustrate the inner workings of a place and its people.

Negril is full of life and color.

How did you decide upon the title and direction of your blog?

I had the title for the blog for a number of years. The second time I got laid off, I was actually very happy, and relieved because I had a plan. As soon as I got the notice, I registered at a travel school – I actually got trained as a travel agent. I didn’t want to work as an agent but I wanted to understand the back end of the travel business as I had an idea for a tour company. Two friends and I brainstormed the concept I had in mind and came up with the name and a tag line. The company never got off the ground but the name became my blog.

What is your favorite blogging experience?

You never know who reads your blog as not everyone leaves a comment and the site information you get doesn’t tell you who’s in front of their computer. But two posts I wrote made me realize the reach I had. I was shocked when I got an email from one of the descendants of Greenwood Great House, who read the piece I had done on his childhood home and relieved that I hadn’t written anything uncomplimentary. After doing a piece on Germantown, the most well known German community in Jamaica, I got an email from a young woman whose mother was born there. We exchanged a few emails and when she visited Jamaica, she emailed again to say she’d brought her mom and they were planning to visit to try to find relatives. It really made my day.

What has been your most treasured travel experience?

It’d have to be that trip to southern Africa. It’s treasured because it was a girl friends getaway. It deepened our friendship and has bonded us in ways we never imagined.

Photo from Hwange National Park in Africa

If you could return to any one of the locations you have visited, where would it be and why?

I’d definitely return to Cuba. I make friends on every trip but in Cuba, the connection felt deeper. Maybe because we lost track of relatives on both sides who settled there, or because of the bittersweet nostalgia I still feel three years later. Whatever it is, I want to go back.

What location is at the top of your bucket list today?

I was sure it was Timbuktu but it’s actually Machu Picchu.

Please add anything else you would like say:

I love uencounter.me – it’s just a fabulous way to look at your life and ‘see’ these random connections that we miss.

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