It occurred to me today that I have not clearly defined the target market for even though I have asked readers to ‘spread the word’ and tell your friends & family to check us out. Who is the audience that will be interested in using

We believe that….

1.  ANYONE with curiosity about someone in their past that they have not located elsewhere.

2. ANYONE who enjoys Maps.

3. ANYONE with an interest in the six-degrees-of separation theory.

4. ANYONE that believes the world will be a better place if we were more diligent about expressing gratitude!

5. ANYONE who wants to express gratitude and/or forgiveness to another person but has not done so through traditional methods.

6. ANYONE who would like to connect with other people that have shared interests.

7. ANYONE who would feel uplifted by reading or having a visual representation of gratitude expressions.

8. ANYONE interested to see a visual representation of whether or not they have been in the same place at the same time as someone else they know – but didn’t realize it.

9. ANYONE who has travelled, moved, or changed jobs often.

10. ANYONE who was touched by an encounter with another human being and would like to acknowledge it publically.

…. Will enjoy

 The above list is not necessarily a traditional description of a ‘target audience’. We feel it is important NOT to generalize to a ‘specific’ primary user. In fact, we strongly believe that ANYONE old enough to have some life experience tucked under their belt will enjoy and benefit from The experience that addresses – an encounter between people at a particular time and place – is a GLOBAL one. Everyday – everywhere – people are encountering one another. Sometimes, it is important to acknowledge that interaction immediately. Other times, we think of it a little later; and yet there are times when we don’t think about it again for years. No matter when you think about it – offers a venue to acknowledge it!

Our market is the Global population of adult human beings!! Gives us a few people to target – wouldn’t you say?

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. That’s it in a nutshell…

  2. Jim Doran says:

    Six degrees of separation. Hmmm! Let see pick some famous people. I know my brother Kevin and he knows Bill Medley of the Rightous Brothers. I know former Secretary of Veteran Affairs Tony Principi and he knows George H.W. Bush, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan. I knew my Mom and she knew the mother of TV star John Ritter and wife of country singer Tes Ritter.

    I knew my Grandmother, Hazel Beaman. She knew her Grandfather, Dexter Beaman,
    he knew his cousin John Beaman. John knew his son Jenks Beaman (my 3rd Cousin 4 times removed). Jenks went to West Point with:
    Schuyler Hamilton grandson of Alexander Hamilton (6)
    James “Pete” Longstreet (5) who knew Robert E. Lee (6)
    U.S. “Sam” Grant (5) who knew Abraham Lincoln (6)
    George Pickett (5) who knew “Stonewall” Jackson
    P.G. Toutant Beauregard (5)
    Irvin McDowell (5)
    William T. “Cump” Sherman (5) brother of US Senator John Sherman who knew US Congressman Fernando Beaman (7) (my 2nd cousin 4 x removed and Jenks 3rd cousin)
    AND served in the 4th Infantry with
    Henry Scott who knew Winfield Scott (6)
    William Whistler uncle of the painter James M. Whistler (6)

    As an aside, to the best of my knowledge, Fernando Beaman was 7 years Jenks senior and moved to New York 2 years before Jenks was born. I don’t believe they ever met. Fernando was also a confidante of Abraham Lincoln.

    Gee Les, I guess it works!

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