It’s been a busy summer at with the introduction of new pins, increased traffic, and creative energy moving us toward visions that we barely imagined when we first began. Looking at the calendar, I realized that it has been just a year since we launched the site in private Beta to about 40 friends and family members. Some never took the time to check it out, some only told us what we wanted to hear, and some of them gave us great feedback. We took most of the feedback, redesigned some major elements and opened the site to the public in November of 2011. Right off the bat we had some good exposure from major bloggers and started learning how to use Social Media but boy… did we have a lot to learn!

When we look back over the last 8- 9 months, we laugh a little at some early designs, snicker to think that I only had 4 Twitter followers, and generally feel amazed at how much we have learned. We are not seated in the midst of technology environments, our collective entrepreneurial experiences are not in the tech industry, and we don’t have a leading industry guru guiding us. Most of our progress has been achieved through a passion for learning, a strong vision, and an unending enthusiasm to bring the Virtual Pin Map platform to life in the way that users want to us it! We are constantly amazed! Our success is dedicated to the great people – our users – who have supported us by letting us know when there are opportunities to get better!

In the last several months we have rolled out features that have taken our initial vision way beyond its boundaries! The collective excitement and user comments continue to propel us toward a mapping website that is unlike any other. It can be social if you want it to… private or public… a tool… for fun… the options seem endless to us. Our next big release is expected VERY soon and is one of the most exciting features we believe to be incorporated into  With that release will also be a huge promotion; designed to propel us even further into the market.

We hope that our users will continue to support us by offering constructive comments when necessary, let us know features that you want, and continue to share UE with friends and family. Keep watching us grow! If you haven’t created an account yet, why not give it a try today – it’s FREE!

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. harlan kennard says:

    Looking forward to the next release!

  2. Jana Last says:

    I’ve been having fun “pinning” places related to my ancestors. I’ve been using for genealogy purposes. I was just wondering if there was a way to “tag” people or families so I can only see their pins instead of all the pins I’ve created.

    Thanks for a great website!
    Jana Last recently posted..Those Places Thursday–Debs Webster’s Family Travels Across the USA ~ A Photo and Vintage Postcard Travelogue: New York – Part 1My Profile

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