As I sit here on New Year’s day considering goals for the upcoming year I am forced to reflect back on 2011 a bit. How crazy is it that a simple thought or thread of a conversation can develop enough momentum to change your life? Last March I was engaged in a nondescript conversation about places I’ve been and people I met along the way. The person I was talking to began to notice that we had been in many of the same places within days or weeks of one another and even though we didn’t meet until 20 or 30 years later, how cool is that? We had been steps away from one another several times in our lives but never knew it! I casually commented how neat it would be to map out all of the places I’d been – for him to do the same – and to overlay those maps onto one another so that we could identify places of ‘shared encounters’.

As I always do, I spent some time online looking for a place that would let me visualize my life and find the overlaid intersect points but nothing existed. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to see. We went to lunch with some friends later that day and talked about the idea, found out they also had been in a vacation spot that I loved at a time that I had – years before we had met. This idea was really starting to formulate and manifest detail in my head. Long story – short … I connected with some really smart people who connected me to more smart people and was eventually introduced to a great programmer/fellow entrepreneur/all-around good guy who listened and liked where I was taking my thoughts. He agreed to work with me and we brought in a consultant who put a lot more good ideas on the table.

We have worked our butts off for the last 9 months and is founded on that original concept of mapping my life experiences so that I can visualize it and then overlaying it onto the map of another user to demonstrate visually – commonalities and points of life intersects! It is live but it’s not perfect yet … we accept all feedback as a way to help the site be the best it can be and something that everyone wants to use! We are continually coming up with ideas to add and features that will make it more fun be we are a small team just getting stated so it will take a little time. It has grown and morphed a lot already though. Today it can be used as a recommendation/review site by discussing various points of interest. Do you see a pin on the map of a place you have always wanted to go? Begin a dialogue with the person who dropped the pin there – get recommendations and advice from someone who was there first! Do you participate in a sport or hobby that you would like to find comrades who share your interests? Search for the specific hobby and connect with people who share your specific interests!

The world is huge but the way that our live intersect is fascinating! is like being at a big cocktail party and discovering interesting and fun facts about people that all of a sudden help you to feel connected to something much bigger than your own little world. is about visualizing our life experience and discovering the connections that exist along the way. It’s about reflecting and being in awe of the serendipitous nature of our universe. The next blog post will be about the social experience at – how people will be the energy behind its success!

Drop a pin and discover your connections today!

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