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I had a very close friend when I was in the 8th grade, we were inseparable! Alas, I moved A LOT at that age and we kept in touch (the old fashioned way) by writing letters to one another all through high school. I remember that she joined the Army and at one point was stationed in Germany. Unfortunately, through the years, we disconnected and I have always wondered what happened to her. I know her name is Glenda and as I write this, I believe her last name (maiden) was Gibson – although this is the first time that I have recalled that! All I would like to know is how her life has been… is she married, did she have children, and what career path did she take?  Just questions that will satisfy my curiosity about someone who shared a bond with me during adolescence. I posted an Inquiry at in the location where we lived and played together. Hopefully, as the site grows and people read through the posts, someone will recognize the picture I posted and let her know that I am here…. Wondering how she is!

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