One of the biggest challenges the Team has faced throughout this whole development adventure is how to convey the message of what is! It doesn’t seem enough to use the tagline that currently exists on our homepage “Map your Life Experiences and Discover Connections”; people are still asking the question “what do you do?” Reading this blog through and through will help but of course, we need a ‘hook’ – something that draws people in within 2 seconds.

I’ve read a ton of advice from the experts and I know what has to be done, I just haven’t been able to figure out that magic combination of words. Based on advice from a well known VC, I came up with the sentence: is a web application that helps people to discover previous or random connections based on the location of their life experiences. To me, that sounds institutional and while it may be descriptive, it does not feel like a ‘tag line’. Another suggestion was vague but along the lines of ‘Drop a pin & Mark your Moments’ – hmmm… that’s good but is it a *spark* tag line that will work?

I am not the ‘technical’ founder and my only coding experience is from a college class 30 years ago; I had to write a basic arithmetic problem in BASIC. I am pretty sure my tech partner wants me to stay far away from his brilliant handiwork! That means that every time I want to try something different – he has to make the changes and frankly, he is up to his elbows in finishing major features that we are implementing. Consequently, I keep waiting until I feel like we come up with the perfect tagline to suggest things I think about. It hasn’t really been a problem because I still don’t feel that I’ve come up with ‘the’ solution.

Can you think of a new Tag Line?

I have decided to run a contest… asking our readers and users, since they are on the site and have a good understanding of what it does and how it works… to offer suggestions. How about a year of free Premium membership to the person whose idea gets the most votes? As a matter of fact, I will make that offer to the general public! Create an account – browse around the site and think of a tag line that is a 2 second ‘hook’. Leave your suggestions in the comment section and I will compile a list of the 5 that our team likes the most then we will put it out there for voting! Remember – ONE SENTENCE – a two second quote that is most likely to capture the intent of

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. How about:
    UEncounterMe: Where the Power of Place & Personal Relationship Connect

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