Remember the old pin maps that people would have on a wall? If you wanted to see all the great places I’ve been and looked through my album or hear the stories, you’d have to come over and spend some time. Now, with’s virtual pin map application, you can do it from the comfort of your chair. I thought it would be fun to show all the readers what my map looks like!

To begin with, the larger global view demonstrates that it is indeed, a universal map. The different pin colors represent different reasons that I was in a location – where I lived, worked, traveled, and went to school; just to name a few. One of the future features for premium members will be the ability to separate out the different pins so that I can see ‘just’ the places I’ve lived; or ‘just’ the places I’ve traveled. The blue pins are places I’ve lived and you can see, I’ve lived on both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts as well as in Germany for awhile when my parents were in the US Army. I love being able to see it all on the map and I’ve yet to enter a number of pins that belong to some road trips I’ve taken. What would your map look like? Have we ever been at the same place at the same time? users who are linked can overlay their maps to discover commonalities – its fun!

Here is a closer view of my time on the West Coast – predominately in the California Bay Area but I worked for Amtrak and traveled from San Diego to Seattle on the train and have yet to put a lot of those pins in. One of the benefits of that job was the ability to travel for free and I took advantage of it!

This map shows my East Coast journey, again living and working throughout the mid-Atlantic states although I will always call my grandparents farm in NE PA – home.

Of course, I have a ton of pins plotting across the rest of the US … next goal: The World! What makes uencounter SOCIAL is you!! I would love to hear from anyone who has been in these same places! Create an account and look for my pins! Then post a message to the discussion board or send me a note! I look forward to hearing from you.

Start building your own virtual pin map at today!

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    You have a nice map…

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