I spent a few minutes on craigslist.com this morning getting a feel for what kind of office space might be available in my area and saw ‘missed connections’. It’s been years since I spent time paying any attention to personal ads of any kind and I was amazed to read through all of the postings of people looking for someone they had casually encountered. City after city… tons of people looking to reconnect or just say ‘thanks’ to another person with whom they had interacted with. One of the posts was from someone in NH, posting to a woman in another state that he hadn’t seen in years just to wish her a happy birthday. Another was from a guy who had sat next to a woman on an airplane and just wanted to tell her that she had brightened his day!

Oh… did I want to reply to all of those people and tell them about uencounter.me!! This is a PERFECT use of our Inquiry Map!! It is SO easy to drop a pin on the map where you had that ‘missed connection’ and leave a message for the person you want to meet up with or to say “thanks”.  As the popularity of uencounter.me increases, my hope is that the map will be filled with people trying to find other people – allowing the energy behind social ‘networking’ to help in positive ways.

We need help spreading the word … letting people know that uencounter.me is great for finding ‘missed connections’ and for leaving little notes – letting people know that you are thinking about them and/or that they impacted you in some little way. I’d like to recommend that you start by dropping your own pin – and then sharing it with people you know. All of this positive random acknowledgement of the ‘small things’ can change the world in BIG ways! Be a part of the process!

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  1. harlan kennard says:

    Yes, perfect example as to why people should join up today!

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