Wow! I am getting quite an education. Some days it feels like I am back in Grad school, researching, reading, and writing. is not the first business I have started from the ground floor but it is the first Web based business and a number of years have passed since my first ‘start-up’. To say the way businesses conduct business has changed is somewhat of an understatement! Today, a Founder/business owner needs to be proficient in Social Media Marketing; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so many other sites – it can be mind boggling. The learning curve is not quite as bad as it may be for someone who has never used these platforms but I know only enough to get around the basics.

Thankfully, there are a ton of web blogs or books that offer directions on how to get started, let alone thousands of companies that want to help you (for a fee).  Since we are ‘bootstrapping’ the startup of uencounter, I am the PR and marketing department! I have become a Twitter fanatic! I started out with a couple of friends when I first joined and then slowly lost interest as most of the people I interact with do not Tweet. I’ve found that to market a business or product in today’s business environment, not only should one blog, but Tweet too! So… find me on Twitter (@LeslynK) and follow along as I discover how to communicate our progress at as well as share some insightful and startup tid-bits! My goal is to have 5000 followers by the end of March. I will share (or you can follow me) my progress in each sequential blog. Frankly, I’m not sure how in the heck I will reach that goal but I have several good lists of suggestions to follow. I see some people on Twitter with 20, 30 & 40 thousand followers and think – “good heavens – how long did THAT take?” You can help by 1) following me and 2)re-tweeting my tweets! (Did I say that right?)

As for the other ‘social outlets’ – FaceBook, Digg, Stumbleupon, … etc. – I have registered and have a presence there. Today, I am seeking to master one medium at a time but will accept the support of who ever wants to submit or recommend this blog and /or!

Below I’ve listed some of the Blog links that have offered some really good advice on how to get started in Social Marketing; I hope they help readers who empathize with me!  If you  know of  another one that I shouldn’t live without – share it in the comments!

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Thanks for Reading! Enjoy!

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