I posted the following Inquiry because I am looking for an old friend from Jr./Sr. High School.  When I first posted it I couldn’t remember her full name but funny thing is… as I began to think of her, her name just popped right into my mind. Her maiden name was Glenda Gibson (I think the friend Maryann that I reference may have had the last name of Connor) and we went to Ceres High School in California. Like I say in my message, I remember that she joined the Army after HS graduation but that is all I know. (All Inquires are placed on a map at the location where you last encountered the person you are looking for so that information is not included here).












A few friends have asked why I want to find her and I contemplated the answer for quite awhile as we were developing uencounter. I have a full life, great friends that I don’t have enough time to see often, and a family that deserves most of the free attention that I can muster. It does not stop my curiosity though, to know if she ever married, had children, or developed a career. I am infinitely curious to know if she remembers calling the radio station at 2AM to request another run of “I Shot the Sherriff”  or the practical joke phone calls we made to tell people to go catch their ‘refrigerator that was running’. I wonder if she ever went to a Peter Frampton concert and hung out like a groupie, something we would fantasize about doing when we could drive. There are a dozen or more things like this that I am just so curious about because they were a part of my dreams too, the ones that we developed and shared over ice cream, walks, and slumber parties. She was an integral part of my adolescence and to some extent shaped the teen and young woman I eventually became. She holds my deep, personal secrets in the dusty recesses of her sub-conscious and I guess I just kind of want to know that they are still there, securely pack away. I do not necessarily want to redevelop an endearing friendship after all of these years we may not have anything but our vague memories in common but back then – the connection was soulful and I suspect there will be a part of it now that remains.

Yes, I Googled & Facebook’ed her. Before I get a ton of responses, there are a few possibilities but 35 years later, who still looks like the 14, 15  year olds that we were then? Even the picture I posted on uencounter.me is not a great ‘mug’ but it’s the only one I could find. Unfortunately, we are at the age where her liveliness is uncertain – we are middle aged and our mortality is catching up to some of us. What would happen if I only find that she has left this plane? I would wish her peace… and if I find her? I will have a wonderful conversation (as long as she is willing) remembering a time with less responsibility and a more carefree demeanor; and … I will confirm for her that standing on my head all those years ago did absolutely nothing to increase the size of my bust!

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