Although it has been quiet here on the blog, we have been working feverishly to complete our primary vision of! We are less than 48 hours away from opening the site to the public in ‘soft launch’ mode and could not be more excited! As a team, we have been creating, editing, and coding as often as we have been eating, sleeping, and breathing. The anticipation and excitement we feel is clearly akin to giving birth but this time, the males on the team are able to experience every labor pain!

If you have been a Beta user, we would like you to log into in the next day or so and move through the site to help us edit any blaring errors. At this point, we are so very ‘close to the forest, we cannot see the trees’ … so to speak and would appreciate any suggestions/help. You will notice that our new “home page” is in place as well as a number of features that have been activated since you last logged in.  In the header, there is a link to ‘recent  updates’ where you will see all of the most recent activity from other users (currently the ‘team’).  You now have the ability to add photos – and there are a few. These are just two of the major additions and will be ‘Premium features’ of the site.

In a couple of days, we will announce the official launch of – the ‘birth’ of our creative efforts!! Look for it!

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. Sherry says:

    Good luck Leslyn….seeing your vision coming to fruition must be so satisfying. I know there has been a huge amount of work and thought put into this site. I am so proud of you and your team.

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