Our team participates in weekly conference calls; allowing us a forum for brainstorming, staying motivated, and focusing on task completion. One of the elements we discussed last night was our intent to donate a portion of our revenues to charity.

One of the reasons I became a therapist was to help people. My graduate program constantly reminded us to think of how we would affect social change. I opted to do that one person at a time through my therapy practice. When I created the vision for uencounter.me, I was adamant that on some level we would ‘give back’. My last blog was on the ‘boomerang effect’ – how doing something positive comes back to you in positive ways. Uencounter.me has the potential to effect change on a larger scale and in different ways.

One of the ways it will do so is by donating some percentage of revenue streams. I am resolved that it needs to be local. By this I mean that any donation created by revenue that is generated in the US will be in the US… if (when) we produce revenue from international locations, a percentage of that income stream will go to those local charities.

We are undecided at this point where any contributions will go (we have to generate revenue first) and we’ve discussed children, first responders, etc….  but I thought I would ask you – our potential contributors – for ideas.  Clearly there are an unending number of worthy causes and I am more inclined to do some research and find a handful that are in line with our philosophy but we are open to suggestions.  Do you know of a specific charity that is ‘under’ recognized? One that has the ability to dramatically change lives? One that brings people together?

Let us know by leaving comments!!

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What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. Sherry says:

    It sounds like a great idea to give back. I have a few ideas but one of them I will have to check out. One that comes to mind is Child, Inc. in DE http://www.childinc.com .
    I got this from their website…
    Helping Delaware Children & Families in Crisis
    To make a positive difference in the lives of the families we serve.

    The Mission of CHILD, Inc. is:
    To be the leading advocate for Delaware’s children. We provide creative prevention and treatment programs that meet the changing needs of families. We serve dependent, neglected and abused children and their parents. We provide programs for those involved in domestic violence situations, especially children. By protecting the victims and treating those responsible for acts of domestic violence we help children heal.

    Hope this helps and can be put on the list.

  2. harlan kennard says:

    how about… Name: Union of Concerned Scientists
    Address: 2 Brattle Square
    Cambridge, MA 02238
    Phone: 617-547-5552
    Web Address: http://www.ucsusa.org

  3. Ruth E Rought says:

    I am so computer illiterate I wouldn’t be much help, I’m to impatient to take the time to read. Good luck:)

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