As my team and I conduct weekly conference calls (we are geographically separated), we spend a lot of time focusing on the user experience of our site. In that discussion, we frequently talk about features of other sites we use and what we like or dislike about them. Over and over again, one of the elements that we agree to dislike is the sites out there that do what we call ‘bait and switch’.  The ones that entice you to join but only let you get the ‘good info’ after paying some type of subscription fee.

We understand fully that websites are also businesses and we also have the intent of generating revenue. But… we have agreed that the significant features and enjoying the entertainment element of our site will ALWAYS be free to use. Hopefully, this particular business model will be successful and allow us to provide a great user experience without cluttering the site with ads or pricing ourselves into user disgust.

As we finish up features, we would like to hear what your likes and dislikes are about the sites you use. We acknowledge that we’ve had our heads wrapped around this so tightly for the last 3 months that we may be too close to think about what annoys people when they use websites – or what elements keep them coming back. So… feel free to leave comments! We will send a very cool and appropriately sized t-shirt to everyone who leaves a comment that we implement into the site!!


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  1. Ruth E Rought says:

    Other than needing my glasses to read, sounds like a Great idea, I’ll read on when I’m enjoying my beautiful Sunshine outside on my porch. Congratulations.

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