I’d like to begin by welcoming all of our new users and wishing everyone a happy New Year and express our hope for everyone to experience health and peace throughout 2012 and beyond! The UE team took a little bit of time off over the holidays to enjoy friends and family so I am combining two weeks into this one letter. Even though we took some R&R, we have accomplished a few major improvements on the site! First and foremost, we have completed a redesign of the home/landing page. Login and take a look! Feel free to leave comments and feedback – that is how we make positive change! We feel the Home page does a much better job of describing the value proposition of uencounter.me and helping users know where to go to accomplish which function.

I wanted to comment on one piece of feedback we received recently about Ad placements on the site. We understand and agree that ads are annoying yet uencounter.me does have a business/revenue model that is income focused. We really struggled about how to structure our project so that it produces income but allows for maximum functionality and access. Basically, anyone can use the site for free – we especially want to encourage the use for expressions of gratitude and appreciation and never felt that we should specifically charge for those. But, we are entrepreneurs whose ultimate goal was to create a sustainable business. We read one point of view in particular that talked about sites that do not charge subscription or membership fees and the founders sell out at the first chance, leaving users high and dry with a ton of data and time invested in something that gets absorbed into a different venue. This really hit home for us because our vision is a sustainable business that offers each one of us a career focused on the development of our passion, our goal is to make uencounter.me a premier web destination!

Our business model offers two membership options: Free – with a ton of ads on each page (have to pay the rent!) or Premium – $25.00 per YEAR and DOES NOT automatically renew – you keep control (we also offer shorter terms but the best value is annual). If you are a premium member – you will not see any ads on your pages. The best part about this is that your map is bigger. There are other benefits of being a premium member and are they outlined here. We will be rolling out additional benefits throughout 2012 to create a truly significant value.

One more thing… Users can earn a full year of Premium membership for FREE! For a limited time, any user who drops a total of 25 pins on their map will receive one year of Premium membership as our way of saying “Thanks”.  Remember –Premium benefits means NO ADS!!

Happy New Year !!

The uencounter.me Founding Team

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