What a whirlwind it has been developing my idea into something concrete and tangible! I’ve created a great team with a vast amount of expertise and experience. We’ve agreed that it feels like it is the right time to begin sharing some of the details of our endeavor.

We are creating a website that fills a void in the existing role and usage of social media. In some aspects it may be considered a social networking site yet the mere aspect of journaling daily events is far from its focus. After all, individuals interested in translating each moment of their daily experience already have plenty of platforms from which to do so. It is not a classic search site – once again, there are countless search engines available for anything you may be interested in discovering. It is not technically a game although we have built in a form of entertainment.  Exactly what it is will have to be saved for what we trust will be a highly anticipated launch.

In the meantime, I hope to raise awareness among our readers, stimulate curiosity, and forge an understanding of the power of gratitude. I intend to do so through this blog. Your reward for keeping up with me will be an invitation to participate in our Beta launch (where we test all the functionality of the website on a large scale).

For starters, I ask you -how many times you’ve taken a moment and thought “whatever happened to….?” You’ve probably been like so many others and ‘googled’ someone’s name; you might have spent some time on Facebook and may have even ‘friended’ that person. Most often, the intent is only to know that the individual you were curious about is still kicking, led a good and/or productive life, etc.  I know some of you have even followed through looking up their address on Google maps and engaging the ‘street view’ so you could see the house they live in. More often than not, it is not because you wish to maintain an ongoing interactive relationship, but just to touch base, momentarily reconnect, and reminisce about some encounter that you shared together.

But… how do you find that girl from school or next door that has since married and no longer uses her maiden name? Or that buddy you had Max…. (what’s his name?). What about the people who don’t use Facebook?  Have you paid for a membership to Classmates.com just so you could find an old friend but they never registered? How about those great kids you used to babysit? Or the nice neighbors whose lawn you mowed… the Smith’s? What if all you ever knew was someone’s nickname? What about that professor in college who has since retired and moved to Florida? How do you find people when you don’t remember their name, they don’t use social networking, or they’ve moved away? How do you satisfy that unending curiosity about those brief or long ago encounters you’ve had?

By using Uencounter.me !  Stay tuned.

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. Ann Marie says:

    “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies” – Author Unknown

    I admire your ambition and self-initiative Leslyn! I will be following!

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