PREAMBLE: Years ago, my younger sister gave a baby up for adoption and provided a loving couple with a son that they loved and raised. As with many adopted children and their birth mothers – a day came when they rediscovered one another. He describes a frustrating journey of effort to find his genetic history and she was finally at peace knowing that the boy she birthed had lived a good life.

STORY: Of course friends and family are normally the ones to begin using any new web service at start-up and was no exception. Some family members were more enthusiastic than others but almost everyone at least ‘took a look’. In my enthusiasm, I made sure to ‘link’ with each person as they created encounterpoints and soon, I had a really full list of friends and family whose maps I could overlay. What fun I had discovering where my friends had been – found something new out about each one of them! It was fun to include my nephew who had recently reconnected with my sister – his birth mother – and see where his life had taken him. What was absolutely fascinating was that he was living only blocks away from our FIRST COUSIN!!

This mapping and overlaying element that distinguishes from other social mapping sites is downright fun. This story in particular, brings to mind other viable uses for Birth mothers know when and where they delivered their children and can use to pin that location. Often, adopted children know what hospital they were born in. Needless to say – as our user database grows, so too does the chance that connections like this will be made! Do you know someone looking for a birth mother or a child who was adopted?

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