I’ve had a couple of people ask the question “how are people going to get the messages I post?” which we feel is a great question and worthy of a full blog post! We anticipate that here, people will help people find people!  Uencounter.me is a ‘social’ web application, generated by user content and focused on user engagement. There are several types of messages:

  • Internal posts to a discussion on an Encounterpoint: If a post is made in the ‘discussion’ section of an Encounterpoint, the creator of the EP will receive a ‘notification’ (tab in the header) that he/she has a discussion post. Clicking on the notification will link directly to that EP.
  • Encountergrams: These can be delivered in two different ways. If the creator provides us with an email or physical address, uencounter.me will send a letter/email that lets the HR manager or business owner (if it is a business) know that their employee has been recognized by a uencounter.me user and give them a direct link to the Encountergram.  If there is no specific contact information provided, then we hope that the power of social engagement will take over and the message will eventually be viewed by the person for whom it was intended.
  • Inquiries: Similar to the power of social engagement strategies we anticipate for the Encountergram, Inquires are predominately for people that haven’t been found via traditional web searches or for people where only partial or no name is known. Examples include my friend Glenda from California or Cissy, a girl I knew in Germany. My hope is that someone who views that inquiry will know Glenda or Cissy and send them in my direction.

Today, with a relatively small number of users it seems improbable that someone will come along and just happen to read through an Inquiry or Encountergram and recognize themselves or someone they know – but it has already happened! The ultimate test of Six-Degrees-Of-Separation was successfully demonstrated by users connected to me – people who knew one another unrelated to their connection to me! It’s not that unusual really. How many times have you met someone who knew someone … that you knew? In most cases, we feel an instant sense of ‘connection’ to that individual just based on the commonality of degree connection. We are counting on that functionality and connectedness premise as our user base grows. People constantly demonstrate curiosity and interest in knowing where old contacts are – so they are likely to explore the areas of uencounter’s maps, clicking around places that they lived, worked, and played. As they do, if someone recognizes a name, they have the option of contacting the person who posted the message to say “hey, I know this person and will tell them to get in touch with you” or “I am this person – how have you been?”

So far we are meeting our user acquisition goals, which have been rather modest as we continue to tweak features and bugs on the site. Our future goals are to grow exponentially and if we are successful, we will have over a million users by this time next year – looking at and adding to the uencounter.me maps! As always, referring friends, co-workers, and family is our objective for each reader of this blog and each user! If you found us via Twitter – follow uencounterme and LeslynK and retweet our tweets!! Join our Facebook page and share as often as you can!

Lastly – when you discover a connection of a connection and have the opportunity to deliver one of these messages… chances are you will be paying if forward – BIG TIME!

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