I’ve recognized that there is a fine line between launching this site with the basic features that we consider important (to us) and the things that our users will find interesting and that will keep them coming back. I had an opportunity to spend the day with a friend yesterday and we had hours of car time while we drove to and back from NYC. A fair amount of the discussion focused on uencounter.me (due mostly to the fact that I am living, breathing, and almost eating it 24/7). She had a couple of really good questions as I was describing how the user will be interacting with the site; questions that I had not really considered. I feel really strongly that the site should be launched sooner rather than later and that it is necessary to have the basic elements in place that allow a user to do what we have envisioned them doing since inception of the concept. Having said that… the vision continues to grow and we keep adding (in thoughts) – features that will enrich the user experience, making it more fun to come back to – time and time again.  Do you have pictures that are of people you can’t remember? Chances are you will be able to post them at uencounter.me and rediscover their identity! (be patient, this will probably be a future enhancement!)

I watched a bit of the final Oprah show this morning as I consumed my breakfast and heard her speak about ‘living your passion’. For me, it validated this venture. Raising awareness, encouraging curiosity, and expressing positive thoughts… IS my passion. It is what I do in my counseling practice and it is the emphasis behind the operational experience of uencouter.me.

Tell your friends and keep watching!

What our lovely readers have said about it:

  1. harlan kennard says:

    Living your passion!

  2. Sherry says:

    So glad to be of some help to your “passion”. I feel like I almost know what it will be like….awesome.

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