You may have seen a badge on someone’s blog or a Tweet or a Facebook post about one of’s Blog Partners and wondered…. what is that?

This page will give you all the information you need to access whether or not becoming a UE Blog Partner is right for you!

Exactly what is is a Virtual Pin Map that is Social! It brings the old paper map and tack concept onto the Web and offers tons of social interaction potential. It brings Bloggers and the public together based on location in a new and exciting way!

What is a Blog Partner?

A blog partner is a blogger who blogs about locations. People who blog about Travel, Art Shows, Musicians, Photography, Antiques, Cities, Vacations, Cruises, Tours, Rentals, etc (anything that has a specific location) and who choose to track those locations on the map and include hyperlinks to their corresponding blog posts on the description of the map pin.

Benefits of becoming a UE Blog Partner

Our blog partners have the ability to embed their entire map or any of their custom maps into blogs or websites. The map maintains it interactive qualities even though it is on your site.

Each time that a user places a pin on the map, the surrounding or “nearby” pins are presented as potential interests or ‘encounters’. That means that  a partner’s pin is presented to each person that places a pin (or has a current pin) in the map. introduces its Blog Partner’s across an entire Social Media venue to include: FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest also uses / / Digg / Klout / & Stumbleupon to highlight the work and the ‘pins’ (discussion page) of our Blog Partners in the pursuit of marketing

Additional back links for your blog.

In the near future, we will be offering statistics on the number of times that a Partner’s pin is shown to UE users as a way for our Partners to validate the value of their Partner Level Membership.

Why Would a Blogger Want to be a Partner?

Aside from all of the reasons listed above, is determined and positioned to be a leading player in the geo-location / travel market. As UE accumulates users, a blogger’s pins become visible to more and more people.

Travelers looking for recommendations no longer have to muck through a ton of different blogs to find the locations they want information about when it is all geographically available on the UE map.

Fans looking to follow Bands or Artists have only to look at the individual map of their favorites.

People looking for specific geographical photos can easily find photographers who have photos available on the map.

Furthermore… Blog Partners are reaping the benefits of’s advertising efforts… UE markets CONTENT, which is the data entered by bloggers – it’s interesting! It’s gross amounts of Tweeting and marketing without any effort on the part of the blogger after a pin is placed!

I want to become a Blog Partner – What Next?

Create a Partner Level account on UE ($29/per year)

Create a vanity link by adjusting the settings on your account page and then start pinning! Once you get a couple of pins on the map, use the “embed” button so place it on your blog or website!


Start Pinning!


If you would like additional information, please let us know at


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