Would you like to be a guest blogger on the uencounter.me blog?

All we ask is that you create a free account, drop at least one pin in a place that was meaningful in some way and tell us why!

Here are the parameters:

1. The piece should reference a pin on your map
2. The piece should reference an ‘encounter’ you had at that location (this will highlight the element of the people we meet on our travels)
3. The piece should be between 400 and 700 words.
4. It should include at least one photo (more is preferable)
It will be highlighted for a week (and of course, be included all uencounter.me marketing efforts)
It will be on the front page for a month (at a minimum)


Uencounter.me is always looking for Blog partners as well! If you want to pin your travels to a uencounter.me map and hyperlink your blog posts… it’s EASY!

1. Create an partner account in the name of your blog on uencounter.me (requires a Partner Level membership)

2. Find a badge that you like on our UE Press page and upload it to the sidebar of your blog (just like on this blog) and link it to your UE profile page

3. You can embed any of your the maps you create at UE onto your blog.  See these examples:





Take a look at a few of our existing blog partners:






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