Wow, it’s been two days since we opened the Beta for and the feedback so far has been GREAT!! Good Ideas, great comments, and some pointers on how to improve. This is exactly what we have needed. We had a conference call last night so that we could discuss the comments that came in yesterday and as a result, will be making some changes to the encounters page. In the meantime – there is an overview link on the top right of the page that will offer some guidance on how to use the features – read that if you are having difficulty getting started. The programming changes may take a day or two.

We are also redeveloping some of the search features. Clearly, the early stages of this offer some challenges, but the more data that is entered, the better results you will see.

Someone asked if they could share the link… the answer is yes… but… when the general public logs onto – what they see is the home page stating that we are conducting a closed Beta. People are welcome to contact us – using the link or emailing to  – and request to be a part of the Beta. Otherwise, they can stay abreast of what is happening by reading the blog.  We are excited to add users slowly so refer away!!

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