I was travelling home from dropping my daughter off at college earlier this fall and my cell phone died even though it had been plugged in. What I eventually realized is that a fuse had blown, rendering my charger inoperable. Like many other people, I have become dependent on the technology I travel with and even though I wasn’t talking or texting (because I was driving), I felt slightly anxious that I had lost my ability to have instant communication. In addition, without cell service, my GPS option was down. I was driving in a rather well populated section of the I95 corridor so I pulled off to find a car dealership that would be able to replace the fuse. Essentially, I was driving around like a blind woman – seeking Honda service! Needless to say, that strategy wasn’t very successful and I eventually passed by an Auto Zone parts store. I walked in and asked for a fuse, bought a small package that contained several types and went back to my car. I’m a pretty smart gal and quite independent so I pulled out the manual and began reading. Within a few minutes, the salesman that had sold me the fuses stepped outside and asked if I needed help (I was sitting in a parking space right out front). Short story – he replaced the fuse for me in about 15 seconds flat!

His name was Roger; he works at the Auto Zone store just outside of Richmond, VA and went above and beyond his call of duty as a store employee. I came home and placed an encountergram on my map for him – thanking him for taking the extra time – and then uencounter.me sent his employer a notice that he had been recognized on the site! Hopefully, they let him know that his time was appreciated and feel competent in their employees’ efforts to go above and beyond the call of service.

Thanks again Roger!  Drop a pin for someone who went above and beyond for you…  We’ll let them know that you appreciated it!

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