One of the people that I asked to test out when we first launched the closed Beta was an old friend of mine who had been in the US Navy. I knew he had seen much of the world and thought it would be interesting to see those travels ‘pinned’ to a map. He began dropping pins in earnest.  Last week, I happened to look at his map again (we are LINKed) and realized that he has 99 pins! Just by looking at his map I realized things about him that I never knew. To that extent, it validated how cool really is. I’ve known this friend for almost 30 years and never realized the extent of his travels.

Out of curiosity I overlayed his map onto the maps of several other people with whom I am LINKed and discovered that my friend grew up in a town very close to where my brother vacations every year.  It amazes me every time that I realize how small the world really is and how connected we all really are! This is just interesting information really … very entertaining! By permission, I am adding a picture of what my friend’s map looks like. Why not take a few minutes and drop a pin on yours today?!

Thanks Jim!

99 Pins ... and counting!

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    Very interesting…

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