There are some things in life that serve little to no practical function but we buy them because they are just so interesting and unique that we just have to have them.

Sometimes, however, these things we just have to have are really just plain… weird.

Some of the gadgets we buy fall under these exact descriptions. We see them and think, “I gotta have that!” We parade them around like they are the coolest thing on earth when in fact, they are just plain odd.

For travelers, here are some of the weirdest gadgets you may have seen, or quite possibly own:

1. Custom Airline Seat Cover

Clean freaks may find this to be a practical purchase but others may think that it is taking things a bit too far. Sold as a way to protect airline passengers from spills, crumbs and germs these seat covers come in a variety of different patters to match the individual’s style.

2. Wi-Fi Locator Shirt

With laptops, tablets and smartphones becoming essential travel gear, it would help if you could find a reliable Wi-Fi connection wherever you are. If you own this shirt you most certainly can as it has a built in Wi-Fi detector that shows more bars for a stronger signal. But be cautioned! It also announces that you probably have some pretty expensive devices with you.

3. Tiniest Camera Ever

Micro and compact are definitely in, but so is functional. This camera, measuring one inch by one inch by one inch is by far the tiniest we have seen. While it may look practical for those packing light, when it comes to taking pictures it certainly doesn’t make things easy.

4. The Pillowig

While this gadget promises functionality, it really ranks up there as weird. Worn on top of your head it allows you to take a quick nap anywhere you want, if you don’t mind sleeping while others stare…

5. Caffeinated Soap

Jet lag, museum tours and rushed itineraries all add to the term “the weary traveler”. But a nice shower with a pick me up of caffeine may just bring you around. You don’t have to eat this soap for the jolt, the caffeine is absorbed through the skin.

6. Stash Sandals

Not many people like walking around with something in their shoe, unless of course it is your room key or extra cash. Just slide your smaller valuables in the soles and hit the road.

7. Tourist Removal Software

No, this doesn’t eradicate tourists from your favorite local hangouts. What is does is allow you to remove tourists from photographs of buildings and other landmarks leaving your pictures free of other people.

8. Inflatable Washing Machine

We all know that hotel laundry services can be expensive, but is this really the answer? Weighing just under 5 pounds this portable washer, sans dryer, can handle up to 6.5L of water to get your clothes clean on the go.

9. Metal Detecting Sandals

Hoping to find hidden treasures under the sand but don’t want to look strange while combing the beach? These may be the answer. Powered by a single 9V battery you can get up to 6 hours of treasure hunting fun without the giant headphones.

10. Self Propelled Suitcase

A bag on wheels makes life easier when travelling, but what about one that carries itself? This little piece of luggage has a motor that propels the bag at 3 miles per hour. While it doesn’t navigate turns, it does make lugging your stuff around much easier.

Have you seen a gadget you thought to be a bit bizarre in the course of your travels? Feel free to add it to the list in the comment section!

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