Everyone loves a good travel movie, especially if it’s a comedy. If you are in the mood for a good laugh to get you psyched up for your next trip, try one of these…

1. Borat


Borat is played by a comedian Sasha Baron Cohen. He plays a reporter from Kazakhstan who goes aboard to the US to learn about how Americans can help Kazakh culture. He plays a crazy character who does all sorts of crazy things, the wild part is none of the people besides the main characters (Borat and his trusty side kick) are actors. So this is a very real and very funny movie that every adult should see, but its not safe for the little ones.

2. Airplane


This is an old movie but a great one. Airplane was a hilarious spoof movie and best of all time. Anything that can possibly go wrong with a plane did in this movie. On top of that pretty much every line in this love was a joke. It has dry-witted humor that brings the best laughs out of everyone.

3. The Hangover

This is probably one of the funniest travel movies that have come out in a while. Here three groomsmen lose their groom after a hardcore bachelor’s party. They have to retrace their steps using the most ridiculous clues they find as they try to find the groom to be before the wedding starts the very next day.

4. Road Trip

When you mistakenly send some incriminating evidence to your girlfriend who is attending college in another state you have no choice but to pile your friends into a car and head off to try and intercept the package. Road Trip features stops at Harvard, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Emory, Ithaca College and Cornell University. Throughout the course of their adventures the crew wrecks their car (on a failed Dukes of Hazard jump), steal a bus, bluff their way into a fraternity house for the night and manage to get the hero back in time to take his final exam.

5. Under the Tuscan Sun

The fish out of water storyline always makes for a smile, so when a recently divorced writer from San Francisco buys a villa in Tuscany on nothing more than a whim you are sure to get some laughs. Add to the mix some Polish immigrants hired to renovate the house, her dealings with the neighbors and her pregnant friend and you have the perfect travel movie.

6. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

A man is struggling to make it back home in time for Thanksgiving and his adventure takes a turn for the worse when an obnoxious slob of a ring salesman accompanies him on a cross country trip back home. This hilarious comedy couples two of the best comedic actors of all time, Steve Martin and John Candy.

7. Vacation

We’re talking the original Vacation here, when Clark Griswold piled everyone into the family truckster and trekked them across country only to find that Wally World was closed, unlike Florida. Who could forget his encounters with Christie Brinkley, Cousin Eddie, Aunt Edna and John Candy as the park security guard.

8. UP


A must see for every family. This is a wonderful and funny family movie. An old man loses his wife and decided to tie thousands of balloons to his house to fly away into his dreams of seeing the wild side of South America.  In his travels he finds out that a little boy in the cub scouts has accidentally drifted off with him and they both set out on an amazing journey together.

9. Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation

It always seems like movie stars have it all doesn’t it?…Nope! Here a movie star with a sense of emptiness and no purpose decides to go to Tokyo, Japan where she meet a neglected newlywed and the two form an amazing bond. Cuddle up with someone when you watch because this the perfect romantic comedy for it.

10. Back to the Future

back to the future

This is a classic movie. Teens love it and parents still cherish it. In 1985, Doc Brown invents the coolest time travel car ever. Marty McFly decides to take that bad boy out for a spin and finds himself in the past. Not a travel movie in the traditional sense, but there is no doubt that he does have a rather interesting journey!

 Did we forget your favorite travel movie? Let us know what it is in the comment section!

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